Pitter Patter on the Keyboard

Welcome to my new blog.  I promise to any and all of you who have followed my blogs in the past that this will be my last blog.  Through my blogging endeavors I have discovered that for a short while, a themed blog is fun.  I can dig in and make something happen for a handful of posts.  Then I get bored.  A theme is narrow and I am slightly ADD.  I need the freedom to post what I want and when I want to post it.  So what will this blog be about, you ask?  What about this blog will grab your interest and keep you coming back for more?  This blog is about writing.  No, I will not bore you with the drab ramblings of how-to-write or why-I-write or woe-is-me-I-have-writer’s-block.  This blog is my incentive, encouragement, and pressure to write.  I have been too long a delinquent writer and thus I will post here everything and anything related to my writing activities that may be interesting to the outside world.  And, G-d willing, I won’t randomly stop writing after a couple of months of regular postings.  Here’s to a fresh start and many new ideas!


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