Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me

I am currently sitting on the couch in my pjs under a blanket listening to NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me with my dad and the dogs.  Bill is begging for his afternoon jerky treat.

We missed the first few minutes, but I podcast it so that’s OK.  I’m slightly obsessed with the radio “news quiz” as they call it, and I blame my dad for that.  If it weren’t for this show, I’d be much more clueless as to the current events of the world.  With my current work schedule I don’t typically get to watch the news, read the paper, or any of that good stuff.  I suppose I could bring the paper onto the train, but that would be too logical.

I’m always trying to reference bits of WWDTM in conversations with friends and much to my dismay, none of them follow this fabulousness (alliteration!)

A few weeks ago I found myself still listening to the podcast while walking into building where I work.  I always walk straight to the bathroom because that is how my body works.  I didn’t turn the iPod off, because the show was still going and frankly who cares if you are listening to your iPod while on the pot?  Well, I was so glad that nobody else was in there while I was listening because SPORK happened.  Really, you would have had to hear the poor caller try to answer the question in order to understand the hilarity.  I was trying so hard not to laugh out loud that I nearly cried.  Later that day during my lunch hour I called my mom and a friend to see if they knew what was so funny  so they could share in my joy and neither of them had any idea as to why I was so excited about a spork.

Sporks are pretty cool.

I also enjoy  This American Life which I also podcast.  I’ve been trying to get my dad to listen to that one for awhile now but he just doesn’t seem interested.  Maybe one day soon I’ll force it upon him and he’ll learn to love it.  I’m a wonderful daughter like that.

I suppose the moral of this blog post is…Long Live NPR!


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