The Bailey Saga

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that Bailey broke two teeth and was scheduled to have surgery on Friday.  The surgery went well and they had time while she was under to remove a bulging tumor/cyst that had been in the way for a while.  She came home Friday night groggy and looking like a little chipmunk with her puffy cheeks and already somewhat rodent-like appearance.  Her breath isn’t noticeable anymore which is amazing considering it used to smell like a fish graveyard.  Let’s hope it stays that way for a while!  The only problem she’d been having was staying still.  Bailey likes to see what’s happening, go where Bill goes, hop on and off the couch, and go berserk with squeaky toys.  Did I mention no squeakies for 2 weeks?  That makes me sad.

Bill is very attentive to Bailey, her whereabouts and needs.  He sniffs her often and their rivalry is temporarily suspended.  Bill is naturally an anxious worry wart and so without his Bailey for a day he was lost.

We’ve been keeping a good eye on both of them (you know how it is with the other child feeling left out?  It’s no different for dogs!)  and all was well until yesterday when my dad had them out back to “potty” and noticed Bailey was bleeding.  I was in the bathroom doing something, probably getting ready for the day,  so I’m not sure exactly what happened.  The next thing I knew I was downstairs with my mom and a howling, crying Bill waiting for my dad and Bailey to get back from the vet’s office.

It turns out that something, probably outside, made a nice new gash in Bailey’s leg-the same leg that had the IV from the surgery.  She was sedated and given stitches with strict orders for NO LICKING.  If she were to keep licking the paw/leg, she would have to wear a cone (or as my dad likes to say, the lampshade).  Now, a dopey Bailey full of stitches is sad enough.  The last thing we want is a Bailey with a lampshade on her head.  If you walk into our house at any given moment, you’ll probably hear a chorus of “Bailey!  Stop that!  No licking!”  I’ve given her all sorts of threats including taping her mouth shut, the lampshade, a bandage on the leg, but she’s a licker.  She and Bill are obsessive compulsive lickers.

While we’re trying to keep Bailey quiet and lick-free, we’re also trying to get Bill off the idea of sitting outside on the deck in the 90+ degree heat.  We have a wasp problem out there as well as a giant bumble bee that likes to float around.  Yes, bumble bees are sting-free, but who wants that potentially flying indoors?  So I reminded Bill about the time that Bailey was stung on the nose by a wasp and looked like a mini dinosaur for a while.  Poor Bailey.  What a basket case.  Bill was stung on the tushy once.  It startled him more than anything and he darted back inside fast than you can say Sir Billiam of Tinkleton.

Right now they are both quiet and sleeping.  I will try not to disturb them with the coughing and nose-blowing associated with my awesome sinus infection.  Here’s to teeny weenies *I raise my coffee mug*.


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