Happy Birthday, USA

It’s the Fourth of July.  I’m sitting on the couch watching the Cubs lead the Braves in the 6th.  Bailey is laying on a pile of blankets next to me with her face buried.  Bill is curled up inside one of the sock monkey beds we have for them over by the fireplace.  My mom is reading the paper and my dad is working on his computer from the kitchen table.  You really wouldn’t know it was a holiday.

This is the first year in as long as I can remember that I don’t have plans with my friends to watch fireworks, or do anything tonight for that matter.  I really don’t mind, either.  I haven’t felt too well the past week and just haven’t been myself so a day off to relax and enjoy the air conditioning is kind of nice.  When you spend a significant amount of time outside everyday with little kids and the heat just keeps rising, everyone feels a little ill.  Today it rose above 100 degrees.

Despite the heat, the dogs still wanted to go out and sunbathe.  They love being roast weenies, but we do not enjoy sweating buckets to watch over them and then smell their hot fur when they come inside.  Something about a hot dog is just extra stinky.  Today we put our paws down and said NO to roasting and toasting in the sun.  Instead we gave them “pupsicles.”

Bill just heard the first firecracker.  He came to share the blankets with Bailey and me.  Bill is a wimp, to put it lightly.  I’ve blogged about it before and I could blog about it for hours.  I’ll put his Thunder Shirt on in a few minutes.  As my mom said, that will take about 1/8 of the edge off for him.  At least it’s something.

We’ll be able to see the fireworks from our deck.  It’s nice for us humans and bad for the dogs.  Once that is over, I will go upstairs and wash up for bed because tomorrow is another busy day of camp.

Happy Fourth of July, and G-d Bless America.

(and Go Cubs!)


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