Olympic Sized News

That might have been setting you up for disappointment and I apologize in advance.  I had half of a post written awhile ago about the opening ceremony and I saved it to complete at a later date, but later then became far too late.  Now the Olympics are eleven days in and the amount of news related to the event is crazy (especially when you consider what these people are writing).

So, in an attempt to amuse you and fulfill an overdue post, I give you my “opinion” on the so-called “news” items.

The Opening Ceremony

I can’t go without commenting.  I’ve heard everything from it was terrible and lame to it was the best thing ever.  What I saw I thought was fabulous.  I thought Danny Boyle’s vision was very poetic and sincere.  Perhaps if you are not artsy-fartsy or heavily into literature and history, you wouldn’t enjoy it.  But then again, you wouldn’t enjoy many opening ceremonies, would you?  I could have done without the cheesy love story.  Voldemort vs Mary Poppins?  Classic.  The ages passing by to show the progress of labor/industry?  Beautiful (in a haunting way).  Finding out that NBC cut out huge portions of the ceremony thinking that all Americans are uninterested in anything not America related?  Infuriating.


I’ll lump this all into one.  First and foremost, leave the poor girls alone.  The media has hyped up the USA women’s gymnastics team, especially a few individual girls, to be gymnastics goddesses.  Yes, they are brilliant.  Yes, brilliance can falter because it is the human kind and no human is perfect.  They are young girls barely out of high school, at that.  Do you want to know why McKayla Maroney was sneering on the podium with her silver medal for the vault?  Because everyone told her she was guaranteed the gold and then she slipped up.  She expected it and then didn’t get it.  You can’t do that to any athlete, let alone a young and impressionable one.  And how do you think all the hype and expectation made Jordyn Wieber feel?  Probably a lot worse than if the girls had gotten equal attention.  And to those Russian girls–lay off the makeup and the glitter, kids.  One of these days a chunk of sparkle or eyelash is going to get caught in your eye and you’ll break your neck falling off the bars.  Plus, it looks trashy and juvenile.

Michael Phelps

Yes, he is the most decorated Olympian in history.  Yes, he’s kind of cute.  Yes, he missed a lot of chances this year.  Cut the kid some slack.  He’s probably had retirement on the mind for a while and I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that he started training late for London because he wasn’t sure he wanted to go.  Maybe I’m making it up?  But he’s being a good sport so I don’t see why everyone has to slam him for coming in second or third.

Ryan Lochte

OK, so the USA has some good-looking swimmers.  And the USA is obsessed with sex appeal and looks.  And he’s fast.  And his mom has a big mouth and really needs to learn how to think before she speaks, especially in front of media.

Missy Franklin

I admire this girl and not because she set records, won gold, and is extraordinarily cheerful and smiley.  Franklin has chosen to stay in her hometown to go to school and be with her friends.  She wants to go to college.  Fame and winning is not going to her head (or at least not at first glance).

Physical Appearance

This has been a hot topic for Olympic news.  First there was Gabby Douglas’s hair.  Dude, who really cares?  She won gold and has a smile that could melt anyone’s heart.  People should embrace and celebrate the fact that she is the first black woman to get gold in gymnastics, that she’s so young and dedicated and talented, and that even with disappointment she manages to smile through and cheer her team on.  Get over yourself.

Oh, and who gave anyone permission to criticize an Olympic athlete’s weight?  When I read an article detailing how certain female athletes were under attack for being overweight, I nearly messed myself.  If you are fit enough to make it to the Olympics, nobody should be flapping a tongue.  The End.

Beach Volleyball

I’m in love with beach volleyball now, but I can’t get over hearing that women’s uniforms have to be a certain size and not too big.  Since when are we worried about covering up too much?  And what harm will that do in beach volleyball?  I can’t put into words how crazy this seems to me.  Oh, I’m sorry.  You’re bikini bottom isn’t thong-like enough for this tournament.


I’ve tried to get into soccer (or as it should be called, football) before but it just didn’t happen.  I don’t know many soccer fans and I don’t know the rules of the game.  But when the World Cup or the Olympics come around, there is ample opportunity to just stare at the screen.  Yesterday I found myself exhausted just having watched the Canada vs USA game.  Now I know what everyone meant by the two teams being “physical.”


I’ve actually been avoiding the horse-related coverage.  For some reason I’ve been getting extra nostalgic this year.  It makes me miss riding even more and when I recall the sad number connected to my bank account, I realize that riding lessons are nowhere in the near future.  The day I left riding is something I really should write about.  Just like everything else.
In the Mean Time

At home we’ve had our own little show going on.  I like to call it the Weenilympics.

The events:

Grasshopping– So far Bailey is winning without much competition from Bill who likes to just flop down and roll in the grass.

Disguising as a blanket– It’s pretty much tied.  Bailey has been lazy and is only hiding her head lately which makes up for Bill’s pathetic effort at snorgling up in a ball.  He’s successful after a long bout of scratching, turning, pawing, and adjusting.

Rut-rooing (also known as howling, barking, yelling, chewing out, etc)– Bailey definitely has the upper-hand here.  She always has to have the last word.  Bill will woof in an “indoor voice” if prompted, but Bailey has to be full blast.

Endurance Begging-I’m giving this one to Bill.  He started it with begging for car rides from my dad in the morning and Bailey eventually caught on.  He also begs for his midday snack.  And to go lay outside for no reason.  He doesn’t just beg, he paws, barks, howls, cries pathetically, makes a noise that sounds like he’s dying of a stomach tumor, sneezes on purpose, digs his paws into your chest…shall I go on?  He could do that for hours if he needed to, hence endurance begging.

Well, now I must be off to check on the latest results and standings for London 2012!  Go Team USA! (And all the other lovely people of the world…)


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