An Educated Choice

I took an online survey recently which aligned me with Jill Stein, the Green Party’s candidate for president.  I’ve been so consumed with the Obama vs. Romney race that I didn’t even know of any other candidates.  I have to say, as somebody who typically prides herself on being an educated voter and takes  advantage of her voting privilege, I definitely put myself to shame.

This particular poll was far more in-depth than any pre-election quiz/survey mumbo-jumbo that I’ve ever been suckered into before.  And you know what?  It was pretty gosh darned accurate!  The only problem is that, like most Americans, I would never vote for a Green Party candidate.  I am not afraid of a third-party  winning.  That may be good for our narrow little society.  I just know the reality that a third-party would never win.  Too many Americans live in the black-and-white or as single-issue voters (which is absolutely terrifying).

So this year, just as in every election past in which I have been eligible to vote, I will pick the lesser of two evils.  We do not live in an ideal world and probably never will, so voting ideal may never be an option.  If only all Americans could bring themselves to see political races as picking the lesser of two evils rather than picking right from wrong…

Remember to register to vote and of course to vote vote vote!  Whichever way you sway, make sure your choice is an educated one.


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