For Shame

Thanks to  swift kick in the rear by my fellow blogging pal, I am here!  OK, so it was more like a gentle nudge, but the former sounds better.
Lately I’ve been hooked on another website.  I have my daily sites– for Awwws and the LOLsites for a good…LOL…I need my daily doses of happy stuff.

Then I stumbled upon Dog Shaming.  Yes, is an entire website devoted to shaming your beloved canine pals.  Each time I take a look at the new shames I struggle to keep my laughter silent.  More often than not I laugh out loud and have to describe the shames to my mom who, at that point, probably regrets sitting on the couch at the same time as me.

I’m not alone.  There are slews of other shame-addicts who find these pictures of dogs with signs designating their misdeeds to be highly entertaining.

What exactly does this say about us and our supposed love of our pets?

My mom doesn’t see the humor.  I admit many of the shames are a bit gross, but since when has humor been completely void of grossness?  The rest just prove that it really could be worse or is just like home.

One friend has been trying to get me to shame Bill and Bailey.  I haven’t had the guts.  How can I shame my own little monsters?  It’s not that there is nothing to choose from, in fact I have a long list if I wanted to post them to the world:

*Doing their business all over the house

*Knocking over the kitchen garbage and devouring it

*Chasing joggers and other innocent pedestrians

*Barking incessantly at nothing

*Endurance begging

*Rolling in dead and/or smelly stuff outside

*Stealing each others’ bones and treats

*Creating blockades at the front doors so nobody can leave

I’ll stop there.  In any case, I know my parents don’t want their little monsters shamed and as much fun as it would be, I’d feel terribly guilty.
One thing I have learned by being a shaming addict is that my dogs are not necessarily bad dogs, they’re really just dachshunds.  While I haven’t done an official count to give you statistics, I’m pretty sure the majority of shamed dogs are wily little wieners.  Should that make my family feel better or worse?

I guess it doesn’t matter because the big, buggy, brown doxie eyes always melt us to putty anyhow.