And So the Tail Begins

It’s been almost a month now since I moved out of my parents’ place.  Didn’t I tell you?  I moved out of my parents’ place.  I have a nice little one bedroom apartment on the third floor.  It’s a great diet, actually.  I’m slowly but surely losing weight by not munching all the time, eating only portions that I cook for myself, and using the stairs all the time.  And I control what food comes into my apartment.

I’m still working on decorating and deciding what to hang where.  I’ll never be used to the cleaning.  I clean on the weekend and then it’s the weekend again.  And I don’t have a garbage disposal.  Yuck.

So far it’s been nice.  I enjoy being on my own and feeling my age.

But, it can be lonely at times.  I come home every night to an empty apartment and get ready for the next day.  I knew I wanted to adopt and made sure I moved into a dog friendly building.  The leasing office even knows that I plan to adopt.  As soon as I moved in, I was looking at shelter and rescue websites.

The funny thing is, I was so sure I’d adopt right away.  How could I live in a pet friendly place and not rescue a dog?  But each time I would go back to my parents’ house for anything, I’d be greeted by those great big, buggy dachshund eyes and rut-roos.  How could I cheat on Bill and Bailey?

This weekend my parents went to a shelter to donate a bunch of stuff Bill and Bailey didn’t need anymore.  I was miffed that they went without me knowing that I was looking to adopt.  On their way home they gave me a call and my dad said he found the perfect dog for me.  She wasn’t on the website and from his description I figured I’d go check her out.  Well, I went to see her the next day and my dad came along for moral support (and I think he was that excited).  When I saw her in the cage I couldn’t believe my dad thought that was the dog for me.  She was nothing like he described.  This was a little floofy Shih Tzu!  My family has never had a “foofoo” dog.  We’ve had big dogs and dog dogs, real dogs.  Not Shih Tzus.  But I filled out an application and sat in a room with her anyhow.  What did I have to lose?  All the other dogs I was interested had issues I couldn’t worry myself with like seizures, daily medication, not good around children, etc.

As soon as she got in the room with me she leapt into my lap and was rubbing all over me, jumping in my face with kisses.

And so here I am.  I am waiting for the shelter to have her spayed so I can take her home!

I still can’t believe I adopted a floofy!