B is for Baby

Today I finally met my friend’s new baby.  He is a month old and tiny.  I don’t have much experience with babies and so the fact that I sat there with him in my arms for nearly two hours is a pretty big milestone.  It helped that he slept the whole time until we woke him up and he realized he was hungry and that was the end of happy baby.

Whenever I see a small being–human, dog, cat, etc.–I always become awestruck with how something can be so small.  It happens all the time when I look at our dog, Bailey.  How does it all fit in there?  The little heart, lungs, liver, stomach.  Yes, I get weird like that.  But as a full-grown human, the idea that nature makes everything in such small sizes seems so amazing to me, incredible and beautiful.  Yet at the same time it always baffles me.  So small.  And so looking at this little baby, I said, “Look at those tiny nails.” and “Tiny toenails.”  And looking at the little creases in his fingers designating where his knuckles are.  So tiny.

Soon he will be much bigger and the tiny won’t be so mind-boggling.  That is when his antics will take all my brains to try to understand.


And today, B is also for (Good)bye.  For those of you who read my post yesterday, you know about Patches.  Well, Patches went to the emergency vet yesterday and passed away this morning.  She had underlying health issues that nobody knew about but was playing until her last hours.  She will be miss by many but we were lucky to have known her.


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