E is for Elton John

I always flip through a selection of four different radio stations in the car.  Why listen to commercials when you can just find more music?  Usually.  While flipping through the stations I stopped on an Elton John song.  I don’t know the name or the lyrics as it wasn’t one of his biggest hits, but all I could think was, “E IS FOR ELTON!”  Yes, this challenge is quite challenging.  But lucky for you, it is keeping me from writing about dogs every day.

Years ago when I was still in elementary school I remember my cousin found out that Elton John is gay.  I can’t remember if I told him or somebody else did, but he denied it wholeheartedly.  That was back in the day when a kid our age probably didn’t know what gay really meant in all of its social complexities.  It was back when all an innocent kid knew was to think “eww,” because not only was girl-boy stuff gross, but boy-boy was even grosser.  And to think that such an awesome musician was gay?  Naw.  Couldn’t be.  But to think on it now, who is Elton John without homosexuality as part of his identity?  Whether that is sad or something to look up to, it has become an undeniable, inseparable part of him.

I also always think of the scene in 27 Dresses where Katherine Heigl and James Marsden are in the bar signing “Benny and the Jets”.  “She’s got electric boobs!”  You have to admit it does sound like boobs if you don’t listen really carefully.  I can’t say I knew exactly what the lyrics were to that song before that movie came out, either.  But as cute as it was, I have seen it far too many times for anybody’s good.

I could go on, but Candy is passed out on the couch reminding me that we should both be passed out in bed.  Good night!


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