H is for Happy

If I were in junior high school I would get penalized on my English assignments for using such a lack-luster, overused adjective.  Why not use elated, cheerful, overjoyed?  But as the words become more complex, the meanings veer in different directions and what exactly do they mean?  Happy–it’s a core, simply word.  It’s happy.

It is also something that seems to be fading away.  How often are you able to get somebody to say he or she is happy?  What does it even mean to be truly happy?  Our expectations for being happy are so extraordinary these days that happy seems always just out of reach.  When somebody asks me how I am doing, more often than not I answer “I could be better, but I could be worse,” which is true, but is that happy?  Are you happy if you have been better?

I think happy is more simple than we’ve made it out to be.  Yes, you can be happy if you’ve been better because even little things can bring about little bits of happiness.  So, while I question our society’s definition of happy, I have compiled a list of some of the things that make me happy:

*Dogs, especially those I belong too


*A good cup of coffee

*Giving gifts

*The smell of old books

*A cozy blanket


*A nice long walk


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