Wow, I Lost

It is Tuesday evening and I am three blog posts behind and Candy is giving me big googly eyes because I should be spoiling her instead of writing here.

On Sunday we went out for dinner.  What should have been a quick meal out turned into a long night of waiting.  My dad and I are not know to be the most patient people.  It runs in the family.  Thus for Sunday, I was for Impatient.  But, when you wait 45 to 90 minutes for your food to come out, is being unhappy about the service really out of line?  The excuse we were given was that everyone was ordering the special and the meat had to cook the right amount of time in order to not be served raw.  The last time I saw my parents cook beef on the grill, it only took about 25 minutes.  So, I did not have time to do much when I got home, let alone fulfill a blogging duty.  Bah Humbug.

On Monday I found myself catching up on what I couldn’t do on Sunday.  My brain was J for Jumping around from place to place, this blog not being one of them.  Candy’s jumping problem, yes.  She’s getting better, but if you’re a little kiddo and she wants to play with you, you might get a nice pouncing.

And today, Tuesday, even though I was brainstorming what to write whenever I had free time, I find myself trying to write this as quickly as possible because I should be washing up, getting ready for bed, and getting Candy outside for the last time.  K?  Kangaroos.  I planned to write about Kangaroos.  Either this challenge is a killer, I am ADD, or I have more on my plate than I thought!

Tomorrow, L.  L is for…


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