L is for Lentils

I love lentils.  I’ve told people time and time again that lentils are nearly the perfect food and I love them.  Lentils are packed with protein, fiber, and iron.  You can make soups, salads, and sides with them.  They are a vegan’s dream come true.

Recently I learned how to sprout them.

Apparently you can get even more nutritional value from a lentil if it is sprouted.  For once in my life, instead of being lazy and saying I’d eventually try it, I ate tons of pasta to empty a jar and bought cheese cloth so I could sprout some lentils.  All it takes is soaking your lentils overnight, draining them, putting them in a jar covered in cheesecloth, and rinsing them twice a day.  A windowsill for sunlight helps.

After a week of watching the magic of nature and growth, I had sprouts.  They looked just like bean sprouts with lentils hanging off the ends.  And they taste fantastic, lentily with a touch of sproutiness.  You can eat them raw or cook with them.  The sprouts are about as versatile as the lentil itself.

Sprouting lentils would be a great learning project for elementary aged kids.  And if you’re like me and little parts of nature like plant growth never cease to amaze you, it would be a great project for you, too.

I love lentils.


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