M is for Migraine

I have been battling an on-and-off migraine for the past few days.  I would love nothing more than to curl up with some ginger ale, a warm blanket, and Candy and sit back to watch Elementary.  What I’ll probably do is zonk out in bed because I just took something for the pain for the first time in three days.  I’ve been doing pretty well except that I could barely keep my eyes open at work this morning.

I really want to watch Elementary.  I hate having to wait until Friday evenings to watch the recorded episode off of my DVR because I’d been waiting all week to find out what happens next.  Mostly I like watching Sherlock.  I love his quirky oddities and brilliance. But it’s difficult for me to stay up to the wee hour of 10pm when it is finally over (pathetic, I know) so I usually end up waiting.

The nasty weather isn’t helping.  More rain in the Midwest.

And now…contemplating why Watson always has to wear those ugly Miniskirts.


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