Puppy Love and Soup

As you probably figured out, or if you saw on Facebook you already know, I dropped out of my own challenge.  Life got in the way.  I feel defeated which is never a good feeling on top of feeling guilty for not finishing for Pam.  But, I tried.  I blogged more than I’ve blogged in a long, long time.  At least that’s something.

It was a high close to eighty degrees today and yet I made vegan matzo ball soup for dinner.  It seemed the right thing to do after feeling like I was hit by a ton of bricks.  I have some sort of cold/allergy thing going on which hit its peak last night making my throat sandpaper and acid.  I’ve also had a stomach issue for the past week which was only made worse by my doctor’s suggested “remedy” of sorts.  And then that on and off migraine I had for a week?  The weather thought it would invite it back for a day.

Yesterday was not the day for all of that considering the stress level at work.  I’m not looking forward to Monday.  But today I feel much better.  I can swallow without wincing, my stomach isn’t bubbling like a witch’s cauldron, and the rubber band around my head must’ve snapped during the night.

But I still can’t eat as I usually do, which is a vegan diet naturally high in fiber and healthy good stuff.  So today I didn’t eat a whole lot and that included vegan matzo ball soup.

It was the first time I tried making vegan matzo balls.  I used egg replacer instead of eggs with the matzo ball mix.  I’m not sure what happened, but the balls were small and despite boiling them for long than the recipe called for, they were doughy inside.  All is not lost though, for I have found many a from-scratch-vegan-matzo-ball recipe online.  I will have a delicious vegan matzo ball someday.  In the meantime, the soup was good on my throat, in my stomach, and for my soul.

I also attribute my betterness to Candy.  Good old-fashioned puppy love.  As in, love from a puppy (or 3-year-old Shih Tzu).  She’s been cuddly and wonderful all day.  I’m sure she thinks I’m dull and stupid for sitting around reading, sleeping, and not feeding her training treats, but she seems to know what she’s supposed to do.  Dogs are fabulous like that.  Bill and Bailey are great like that, too.  If I was at the house, Bailey would probably be under the same blanket as me, snoozing and warming my lap, inducing me into a nap as well.  How can you not love dogs?

It’s not even 7pm yet and I could go to bed right now.  I’ll try to stay up for a while so I don’t wake up too early.  Tomorrow, orange juice for breakfast! Mmm.


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