Lay off the Flirting, Candy Pants!

People always say that when it’s your own child, it’s different.  Teach, babysit, nurse, and doctor all you want, but when you have your own children it will all change.  Caring for other people’s children just isn’t the same.  While I don’t know about human children, I am pretty sure this is true about pets.

Candy is a little flirt.  She has two “boyfriends” around the neighborhood, plus she’s flirty with the groomer’s dog.  Candy, by the way, is my little Shih Tzu, in case you forgot.  Aside from getting friendly with the boys, she loves meeting other dogs and most definitely people.

Yesterday we went for our evening walk and ran into an adorable little brown-and-white Shih Tzu named Beau.  Candy and Beau hit it off immediately.  The flirting was ridiculous.  This was the acquisition of boyfriend number three.  We eventually continued on but it wasn’t long before Candy noticed Fozzy up ahead.  Fozzy is Candy’s first boyfriend.  When Candy sees Fozzy she’s stops dead in her tracks and wags her tail, waiting for her Romeo.  This time Fozzy and his mom were with another dog-and-human pair so I had to coax Candy forward (a surprisingly difficult feat when she is in Fozzy-mode).  Candy and Fozzy met and sparks flew.  Don’t worry, it’s adorable and not dirty.  Apparently Fozzy is as much of a Romeo as Candy is a flirt.

Now, I couldn’t tell you exactly what happened next because I was too busy flipping out.  Either the other dog’s human loosened her grip to let him sniff Candy, or she lost control of the leash because he pulled too hard.  Which ever way it happened, this other dog who couldn’t have been bigger than a Corgi ended up with his mouth around Candy’s neck.  And I ended up saying “Oh my G-d” over and over again.

How embarrassing.  Here I was, trained to handle these situations by two organizations and having handled similar situations in the past, and all I could say was “Oh my G-d.”  Something about Candy being in that situation sapped my brain of any rationality.  She’s my baby.

As soon as he let go I grabbed Candy gave her a once over.  She seemed to be OK and just wanted to go back to her little boyfriend.  Really, Candy?  I had to carry her part of the way home so she wouldn’t keep looking back.  When I got her back in the apartment she was flying off the walls.  You wouldn’t know that she was just attacked by another dog.  You also wouldn’t know that she had a bite wound on her shoulder.  I took a closer look at her and there it was, a little bloody patch on her fur.

The good news is that Candy is just fine.  I took her to the emergency vet where they clipped the area and cleaned the wound.  No stitches, no fancy anything.  She is on antibiotics as a precaution.  It is already healing beautifully and unless you looked for her little bald patch, you wouldn’t know anything happened to her.  She’s my little nut.

The bad news is that I don’t know the contact information for either human, Fozzy’s or the other dog’s.  I guess I’ll be calling rental management for that.

And with that I should be going.  The Princess wants me to go to bed.


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