Hi.  My name is Jill and this is my third attempt at a blog.  Yes, the magic number three.  Three time’s a charm.  I’ve tried themed blogs in the past but it never worked out.  My first blog was centered around my diet-a vegetarian who does not eat dairy or most eggs.  While this was fruitful for awhile, eventually all available material was covered and anything “new” seemed redundant or boring.  Next I tried to write about what I am extremely passionate about–animals.  That ended up being an endless array of cutes and my-dogs-did-this and things people clearly weren’t interested in.  So then I decided, how about a blog centered around my thoughts?  Whatever occurs to me to write down is what I write.  Not the best blog idea, but so far it is working wonders.  I guess you could say the theme of this blog is Jill’s Brain.


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