C and D

Oops.  So I didn’t post yesterday as I was supposed to given that I am doing an A-Z daily challenge.  Luckily, I have a legitimate excuse.  I was on the phone and in person with the maintenance person on-call about my air conditioning (C is for Conditioning!) because it has been broken for several weeks now and today was in the 80s.  I almost had to make arrangements for somebody to care for Candy during the work day so she wouldn’t die of heat related illness in the apartment.  But, after several phone calls, a new thermostat, and a final emergency visit, my air conditioning is working again.  Phew!  C is for very well cooled off, and much more calm.


And for today, D is for Drowning.  It’s been a substantial number of days since the monstrous storms swept through the Chicagoland area and flooded the suburbs and surrounding land.  We’re starting to dry out a bit but the ground is still very soft even if it is dry.  It is saturated with moisture.  People are still battling water in their basements, crawl spaces, and should-be-dry areas.  And guess what?  More rain is in the forecast.  For some reason Mother Nature is weeping on the Midwest.  If only she would spread her tears a little more evenly.

This morning while taking Candy for her potty break, the heels of my shoes kept sinking into the ground.  It hasn’t rained in at least a couple of days.  The grass has grown so fast and so lush, green, and long that when she sticks her flat little nose down to sniff out a pee spot, her entire face is buried within the blades.  If it were Bill and Bailey with their long, poky schnozzles, they would only be about halfway down.  Candy is just that pathetic with her fluffy face.

Rain was in the forecast for today but it stayed dry.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings.  I’ll have to dress accordingly, whatever that means.  I need to purchase rain boots.  D is for rain boots.